Dušan Cotič - tvorac modernog pristupa i programa ujedinjenih nacija za prevenciju kriminala i krivično pravosuđe
Zvekić Uglješa
Temida, 2012 15(2):5-12
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In honor and tribute to Dušan Cotič: Last chairman of the glorious United Nations Commitee on crime prevention & control
Vetere Eduardo
Temida, 2012 15(2):13-30
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Dušan Cotič and the European institute: Bridging the gap
Joutsen Matti
Temida, 2012 15(2):31-35
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Across the borders in search of best practices: International comparative criminology at the UN
Alvazzi del Frate Anna
Temida, 2012 15(2):37-44
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Dušan Cotič: Friend, mentor, scholar, and the man of action
Platzer Michael, Popović Brad
Temida, 2012 15(2):45-48
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From the universal to the particular through intercultural united nations crime prevention law and practice
Redo Sławomir
Temida, 2012 15(2):49-60
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The United nations convention against corruption: A successful example of international action against economic crime
Vlassis Dimitri
Temida, 2012 15(2):61-70
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Victims’ rights are human rights: The importance of recognizing victims as persons
Wemmers Jo-Anne
Temida, 2012 15(2):71-83
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Victimisation surveys: What are they good for?
Aromaa Kauko
Temida, 2012 15(2):85-93
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Human freedom and/or safety
Bavcon Ljubo
Temida, 2012 15(2):95-104
Details  Full text ( 201 KB)  DOI:10.2298/TEM1202095B
Procedural and legal status of the injured party according to the new criminal procedure code of the Republic of Serbia
Grubač Momčilo
Temida, 2012 15(2):105-119
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Victimological research in Slovenia
Šelih Alenka
Temida, 2012 15(2):121-134
Details  Full text ( 152 KB)  DOI:10.2298/TEM1202121S
The development of victimology in Macedonia
Bačanović Oliver
Temida, 2012 15(2):135-150
Details  Full text ( 210 KB)  DOI:10.2298/TEM1202135B
Development of victimology in Serbia
Nikolić-Ristanović Vesna
Temida, 2012 15(2):151-169
Details  Full text ( 246 KB)  DOI:10.2298/TEM1202151N
Positive victimology: An innovation or “more of the same”?
Ronel Natti, Toren Ya’ara Tyra
Temida, 2012 15(2):171-180
Details  Full text ( 125 KB)  DOI:10.2298/TEM1202171R
Limits to tolerance: Tribal social order versus human rights
Kirchhoff Ferdinand Gerd, Khan Nazia
Temida, 2012 15(2):181-192
Details  Full text ( 203 KB)  DOI:10.2298/TEM1202181K
Development of the contemporary concept of restorative justice: Towards increased visibility of crime victims
Ćopić Sanja
Temida, 2012 15(2):193-206
Details  Full text ( 226 KB)  DOI:10.2298/TEM1202193C