Veterinarski glasnik 2003 Volume 57, Issue 1-2, Pages: 73-86
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Infectious abortions in swine

Vakanjac Slobodanka, Obrenović Sonja, Petrujkić Tihomir, Dobrić Đorđe T.

Abortions in pigs can be caused by infectious or non-infectious factors About 38% of all diagnosed abortions in pigs were caused by infectious agents. Consequences of infection can be early embryonal deaths or abortions which occur after the 40th day following conception. Causes of abortions include different species of viruses (parvoviruses, enteroviruses pseudorabies viruses, PRRS) or bacteria (Brucella, Leptospira, and others). A precise diagnosis is imperative for therapy and prevention of abortions in pigs, and it is necessary to apply measures to prevent reproductive disorders in pigs.

Keywords: pig, infectious abortions

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