TY - JOUR TI - Relief decorated handles of ceramic paterae from Sirmium, Singidunum and Viminacium AU - Popović Ivana JN - Starinar PY - 2008 IS - 58 SP - 119 EP - 134 PT- Article AB- Four handles of ceramic paterae decorated in relief (nos. 1-4) and one fragmented object for which it has been assumed on the basis of its shape way of manufacture and iconographic design to be also the patera handle (no. 5), have been found in Sirmium. The decoration on handles 1 and 2 was executed under the influence of the ornamental design of silver paterae from Gaul, while the motif of the goddesses' busts on handles 3 and 4 is the local adaptation of existing ornamental motifs. The busts of female deities also embellish two handles from Singidunum (nos. 6 and 7) and one handle from Viminacium (no. 8). The multitude of such decorated handles of the ceramic paterae from the sites in Pannonia and the neighboring regions could be related to the expansion of the cult of Silvanus.