Overview of the "Social capital": Its relevance and implications for local communities conference
Sociologija, 2004 46(3):193-198
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The dynamics of social capital in Croatia, 1995 - 2003
Štulhofer Aleksandar, Landripert Ivan
Sociologija, 2004 46(3):199-210
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The role of family social capital in young people’s transition from school to work in Bulgaria
Kovacheva Siyka
Sociologija, 2004 46(3):211-226
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The family as a capital asset
Milić Anđelka
Sociologija, 2004 46(3):227-243
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Parenting and social capital: Accessing help and support from informal social networks
Gillies Val
Sociologija, 2004 46(3):245-258
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Relevance of social capital and its implications for children: Study in three Belgrade urban settings
Tomanović Smiljka
Sociologija, 2004 46(3):259-268
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Civic movement, social capital and institutional transformation in post-socialist Serbia
Cvejić Slobodan
Sociologija, 2004 46(3):269-282
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