Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2008 Volume 24, Issue 5-6, Pages: 71-76
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Application of sustainable systems of milk production on small farms

Petrović Milan P., Sretenović Ljiljana, Aleksić S., Ružić-Muslić D., Žujović M., Maksimović N.

In this paper current situation is analyzed and sustainable systems introduced in production of milk on small farms. Old production systems used on farms were the reason why milk production wasn't profitable activity and therefore livestock production in mountainous regions had complete collapse and pastures remained almost entirely deserted. In population of Pirot Pramenka sheep and local Simmental population of cattle, our analysis of breed productivity shows that effects in milk production are bad. Application of sustainable systems of milk production would increase the milk yield and revive dairy livestock production. After application of new systems regarding of breeding and farm management, milk yield in sheep cows was increased in average by 12%.

Keywords: new systems, milk production, sheep, cattle

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