Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva 2011 Volume 91, Issue 2, Pages: 1-28
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Detailed geomorphological map sheet Bela Palanka at scale 1:100,000

Menković Ljubomir

The Geomorphological Map Sheet Bela Palanka is a graphical representation of landforms in the area covered by the Topographical Map Sheet Bela Palanka at scale 1:100,000. The map is published in 2008 by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) and the SASA Geodynamics Board. It is the first detailed geomorphological map edited in Serbia. This paper presents the methods used in preparing the geomorphological map, the contents and the mode of data presentation, geologic structure, genetic types of landforms and the subtypes, and the geomorphological history since the Neogene.

Keywords: Geomorphological map, Bela Palanka, genetic types of landforms, geomorphological history