Science of Sintering 2010 Volume 42, Issue 1, Pages: 33-43
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Computer simulation of rapid solidification with undercooling: A case study of spherical ceramics sample on metallic substrate

Nikolic Zoran S., Yoshimura M.

Generally speaking, complex rapid solidification process kinetics can be solved by using numerical techniques only. In that sense, numerical methods for simulation of the solidification processes can be categorized as fixed-grid and interface tracking schemes, where the former ones cannot accurately track a sharp solid-liquid interface. Therefore, in this paper a numerical method based on control volume methodology and interface-tracking technique for computer simulation of rapid solidification accompanied by melt undercooling will be described and applied to analyze the solidification of a ceramic sample on a metallic substrate. A digital pyrometry system will be used for temperature measurement in an Arcimage furnace because of its merit of presenting data directly as temperature in real time with high accuracy. The characterization of solidification of a ceramic sample will be done by using the defined numerical method and inverse heat transfer analysis.

Keywords: rapid solidification, computer simulation

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