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Hemijska industrija 2011 Volume 65, Issue 2, Pages: 139-146
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Fatty acid composition including trans isomers of Serbian biscuits

Kravić Snežana Ž., Suturović Zvonimir J., Švarc-Gajić Jaroslava V., Stojanović Zorica S., Pucarević Mira M., Nikolić Ivana R.

An experimental study was carried out with the aim of evaluating the quality of the lipid fraction of Serbian biscuits. Total fat contents of the biscuit samples ranged between 10.2% and 24.5%. The saturated, cis-monounsaturated and cis-polyunsaturated fatty acid contents were within the ranges of 18.585.6%, 10.649.9% and 2.713.3% of total fatty acids, respectively. The content of trans fatty acids (TFA) ranged from 0.0% to 42.5% and the mean was 10.2%. In a total of 34 investigated samples, 10 of them were found to be trans - free, 8 contained low level of TFA (under 2%), 4 samples contained between 2 and 10% of TFA, while 12 samples contained very high amounts of TFA (12.042.5%). The results obtained showed a considerable variability in fatty acid composition of biscuits which indicated that different types of fats and oils were used for production of biscuits in Serbia.

Keywords: trans fatty acids, biscuits, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry

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