Genetika 2005 Volume 37, Issue 2, Pages: 173-179
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The inheritance of plant height in winter wheat -Triticum aestivum L.-

Zečević Veselinka, Knežević Desimir, Mićanović Danica, Pavlović Milanko, Urošević Dušan

Four winter wheat varieties (Srbijanka, Partizanka, KG-56 and PKB-111) have been selected for diallel crossing in other to study the mode of inheritance, gene effect and genetic variance components for the plant height in F2 generation. Sixty plants of parents and F2 generation were used for analysis. The mode of inheritance was done on the basis of the significance of components of genetic variance and the regression analysis. The inheritance of plant height in the most crossing combinations was superdominance. The combining ability analysis was found to be highly significant, which means both additive and non-additive type of gene actions. The best general combining ability manifested KG-56 variety, and the best specific combining ability have shown hybrids KG-56 x PKB-111, Srbijanka x PKB-111 and Partizanka x KG-56. The genetic variance components, average degree of dominance and regression line indicated superdominance in the inheritance of plant height. The dominant alleles frequency was higher than recessive alleles frequency, which confirmed the ratio of dominant/recessive alleles.

Keywords: diallel analysis, inheritance, plant height, winter wheat

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