Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica 2004 Volume 51, Issue 2, Pages: 57-60
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Genetic testing and surgeon decision

Guanti G.

Colorectal cancer is a highly treatable and often curable disease when localized to the bowel. Traditional pathological staging systems have been useful in predicting the outcome of colorectal cancer, but is now evident that colorectal cancer is heterogeneous and its natural story strongly correlates with genetic alterations that occur during progression from adenoma to carcinoma to metastatic disease. The goal of many studies is to define a marker, or set of markers, on which therapeutic decisions could be made with greater precision for given individuals. In investigations in which at least 100 patients with locally advanced colon cancer have been studied, those in which monoclonal antibodies to p53 (PAB 1801/DO-7/D0-1) were used have generally demonstrated that mutant or overexpression of p53 is associated with a worse clinical outcome.

Keywords: colorectal cancer, pathological, stagingalterations

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