TY - JOUR TI - Migrations in Vojvodina during the 1990s: More immigrants, less emigrants AU - Penev Goran JN - Zbornik Matice srpske za drustvene nauke PY - 2006 VL - IS - 121 SP - 77 EP - 84 PT- Article AB- The results of the 2002 census deepened our insights into a very intensive immigration of the population into Vojvodina, primarily refugees. At the same time, there also occurred significant emigration movements which still had a much weaker intensity than the immigrational ones. The census statistics only partly included emigration, so the paper used indirect methods to acquire as comprehensive estimate as possible about the scope and character of the emigration of the Vojvodina population in the inter-census period 1991-2002. The results of the estimates indicate that in the period the total net emigration was 73 thousand inhabitants, which is 4 thousand persons less than in the preceding inter-census period. At the same time the net immigration was increased for about 3,5 times (from 62 thousand to 213 thousand). The paper points out to the basic characteristics of the emigration (local, inter-municipal, external). Special attention was paid to the regional aspect of migrations (net immigration, net emigration and migration score) in order to determine if there was a close interdependence between the number of the immigrated and emigrated persons in the municipalities. The paper also analyzed the influence of migrations on the process of demographic ageing and change in the national structure of the population.