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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2007 Volume 72, Issue 11, Pages: 1095-1101
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Kinetic study of methanol oxidation on Pt2Ru3/C catalyst in the alkaline media

Tripković A.V., Popović K.Đ., Lović J.D.

The electrochemical oxidation of methanol in NaOH solution was examined on a thin film Pt2Ru3/C electrode. The XRD pattern revealed that the Pt2Ru3 alloy consisted of a solid solution of Ru in Pt and a small amount of Ru or a solid solution of Pt in Ru. It was shown that in alkaline solution, the difference in activity between Pt/C and Pt2Ru3/C is significantly smaller than in acid solution. It is proposed that the reaction follows a quasi bifunctional mechanism. The kinetic parameters indicated that the chemical reaction between adsorbed COad and OHad species could be the rate limiting step.

Keywords: platinum-ruthenium alloy, supported nanocatalyst, XRD analysis, methanoloxidation, alkaline solution