Archives of Biological Sciences 2007 Volume 59, Issue 1, Pages: 75-80
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Contribution to knowledge of the vascular flora of the Resava Gorge, Eastern Serbia

Mijatović Miroslava, Karadžić B., Jarić Snežana, Popović Zorica, Pavlović P., Mitrović Miroslava, Đurđević L.

The Resava Gorge is situated in Eastern Serbia in the region of the Gornja Resava River, extending westward from Mt. Globski Krš to the town of Lisine. In floral research conducted during 1997 and 1998, 297 taxa of vascular flora belonging to 68 families were discovered. The families Poaceae (28), Asteraceae (21), Fabaceae (20) and Lamiaceae (19) were best represented. The presence of 49 floral elements was also noted. The greatest number of plants are sub-Central European (18,86 %), Eurasian (14,14 %), sub-Mediterranean (8,75 %), Central European (6,40 %) and sub- Eurasian (6,40 %). As for life forms, hemi-cryptophytes (49,50 %), phanerophytes (19,53 %) and geophytes (11,11 %) were noted as dominant.

Keywords: Resava Gorge, vascular flora, biodiversity, relics, endemics, Eastern Serbia