Thermal conductivity of pressureless sintered silicon nitride materials with LiYO2 additive
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Science of Sintering, 2004 36(1):3-10
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High-temperature short-term and long hardness of sintered compact and porous titanium-siliceous carbide ti3sic2
Firstov S.A., Pechkovsky E.P.
Science of Sintering, 2004 36(1):11-20
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Influence of mechanochemical activation of a charge on properties of mullite-tialite materials
Antsiferov V.N., Porozova S.E., Matygullina E.V.
Science of Sintering, 2004 36(1):21-26
Details  Full text ( 240 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOS0401021A
Application of the plasticity characteristic determined by the indentation technique for evaluation of mechanical properties of coatings: I. specific features of the test method procedure
Byakova A.V., Milman Yu.V., Vlasov A.A.
Science of Sintering, 2004 36(1):27-41
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Plasma oscillations in porous samples
Kornyushin Y.
Science of Sintering, 2004 36(1):43-50
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