Facta universitatis - series: Architecture and Civil Engineering 2009 Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages: 57-64
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Forming of science and technology park as an aspect of civil engineering

Stanković Ivan, Gocić Milan, Trajković Slaviša

Forming of science and technology parks is followed by the establishment of the appropriate building infrastructure that will form the park basis, as well as accompanying infrastructure facilities in which the professional staff would live and spend their time, and thus create the environment to live and work in. The science and technology park is the term which is used to describe various attempts to encourage the development of entrepreneurship through the establishment of knowledge-based small and medium-sized enterprises. The main goal of science and technology parks is joining the economic and intellectual resources in the region in which the park is established in one unit, in order to improve and enhance the existing companies' business conditions and to concentrate knowledge in one place. For this type of organization it is necessary to choose the area where the park will be built and determine the function of the complex of buildings to ensure the work of the scientists and research workers. In this paper the general conditions, which are required so that the management of the organization that founds the park would achieve the successful results, will be shown. It will present the conditions which are concerned with the necessary human, technological and infrastructural resources for the establishment of science and technology park on one territory, appropriate examples in the world and the beginning of the process of forming the science and technology park in Nis.

Keywords: science and technology park, civil engineering, human resources

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