Archives of Biological Sciences 2012 Volume 64, Issue 1, Pages: 229-237
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The effect of Indian liquorice on fertility potentials of male rats

Ligha A.E., Oyibo A.C.

The use of herbs as an adjutant form of medical treatment is gaining popularity all over the world. This study is aimed at determining the effects of Indian liquorice on the fertility potentials of male Wistar rats. Fifty-five rats divided into seven groups were used in this study. Doses of 200 and 400mg/kg of the extract were used. The parameters considered were the weight of the testis, malondialdehyde concentration, hormonal levels, histological characteristics and sperm analysis. We observed a significant change in the weight of the testes, inhibition of testicular tissue peroxidation, testosterone levels, sperm concentration and motility were changed in comparison to the negative control. Obvious cellular changes were also observed in the liquorice-treated groups. These changes were brought back to almost pre-treatment values in the reversal groups. The changes observed in groups co-treated with vitamin E were minimal and statistically insignificant. The results suggest that the seed extract of Indian liquorice has a negative effect on the fertility potentials of the male rats and shows oxidative properties.

Keywords: Indian liquorice, infertility, antioxidant, lipid peroxidation