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Thermal Science 2010 Volume 14, Issue suppl., Pages: 259-268
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Influence of temperature on behavior of the interfacial crack between the two layers

Đoković Jelena M., Nikolić Ružica R., Tadić Srđan S.

In this paper is considered a problem of the semi-infinite crack at the interface between the two elastic isotropic layers in conditions of the environmental temperature change. The energy release rate needed for the crack growth along the interface was determined, for the case when the two-layered sample is cooled from the temperature of the layers joining down to the room temperature. It was noticed that the energy release rate increases with the temperature difference increase. In the paper is also presented the distribution of stresses in layers as a function of the temperature and the layers’ thickness variations. Analysis is limited to the case when the bimaterial sample is exposed to uniform temperature.

Keywords: interfacial crack, thermal stresses, two-layered sample