Medicinski pregled 2006 Volume 59, Issue 7-8, Pages: 323-329
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Previous obstetric history and cervical legth in pregnancy

Petrović Đorđe, Novakov-Mikić Aleksandra, Mandić Vesna, Potić Zoran

Introduction. The cervical length is a predictor of premature delivery or abortion. In order to detect the risks of such complications, it is necessary to establish the factors affecting the length of the cervix. Material and methods. A transversal prospective study was carried out in a sample of 579 pregnant women with low risk, singleton pregnancies of various gestational ages. Cervical length was measured by transvaginal ultrasound as part of routine pregnancy monitoring. At the same time, data on previous first-trimester or mid-trimester abortions, as well as on premature deliveries and term deliveries, were collected and taken into consideration. Results. The cervical length in primiparous women was not statistically significantly longer than in women with a previous pregnancy, except during the second trimester, (primiparous women: 33.8 mm. women with a previous pregnancy: 35.8 mm). Bearing in mind the empirical facts that the cervix in primiparous women. since intact, is significantly longer, the above mentioned findings cannot be easily explained. The cervix in women with a previous vaginal delivery was statistically significantly longer (35.6 mm) than in women with no vaginal delivery (34.09) (p=0.0l 1). In women with previous abortions of any kind, the cervical length was 34.2 mm. The cervical length in women without previous abortions was 34. 7 mm, and there were no significant differences. Moreover, no statistically significant differences were established in women with or without previous abortions, regardless of the type. Conclusion. Taking into consideration the data from previous obstetric histories, the results of our study indicate that cervices of women. .

Keywords: cervix uteri, labor premature, abortion spontaneous, pregnancy complications, risk factors

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