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Hemijska industrija 2010 Volume 64, Issue 1, Pages: 21-33
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Multivariant simulator for vacuum cooling processes of three component electrolyte systems

Suljkanović Midhat, Jotanović Milovan, Ahmetović Elvis, Ibrić Nidret

In this paper, a computer aided analysis and synthesis of the crystallization processes from multicomponent electrolyte systems were studied. In addition, the vacuum crystallization processes with adiabatic cooling of the system are presented. The cooling process of a multicomponent electrolyte system can be considered as a process with the concentration of the system and/or the crystallization of the solid phase from the system. Requirements for multivariant options of the process simulator are the result of practical needs in the design of new processes or the improvement of exploitation processes. According to this, there are needs for a simulation of a simple flashing of the system as well as for the vacuum cooling crystallization processes with the cyclic structure. The possibilities of the created process simulator are illustrated on three component electrolyte systems. Application of the process simulator for any other electrolyte systems requires only an update of the thermodynamic model, and physico-chemical properties related to electrolyte system.

Keywords: multicomponent electrolyte system, adiabatic cooling, vacuum crystallization, steady state simulation

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