Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo 2003 Volume 131, Issue 1-2, Pages: 48-51
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"Skip metastasis" of rectosigmoidal cancer

Vekić Berislav, Radovanović Dragan L., Cvetanović Miroslav, Živanović Jovan, Pavlović Ivan

Aim: In this study we want to point out the existence and significance of skip metastasis of rectosimoid cancer. Material and methods: Seventy patinents with verified rectosigmoidal adenocarcinoma, treated in 5- years period, are included in this study. Diagnose was made upon physical examination, barium enema, rectosigmoidoscopy with positive biopsy and finding of isolated lymph node metastasis. Results: Skip metastasis were found within 6 patients (8.6%); 4 of them were males and 2 females, with average age 67 years. Overall, 13 metastasis were isolated; one patient had them 3 and five patinets had 2 skip metastasis. Conclusion: Radical lymphadenectomy of patinets with rectosimoidal cancer requires dissection of lymph nodes along inferior mesenteric artery and its legation on origin, as much as dissection of paraaortal and paracaval lymph nodes.

Keywords: rectosigmoidal tumors, adenocarcinoma, lymphadenectomy skip metastasis

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