Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica 2009 Volume 56, Issue 3, Pages: 61-64
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Nonvibrating segment predicting glottis carcinoma

Vukašinović M.M., Đukić V.B., Stanković P.D., Krejović-Trivić S.B., Milovanović J.P., Mikić A., Ugrinović A.B., Dragišić M.N.

Endovideolaryngostroboscopy is the obliged evaluation tool in our everyday practice. Standardized protocol in management of broad spectrum of vocal pathology is useful in clinical, scientific and educational evaluation of patient from the first interview till the end of the treatment. Using of contemporary computerized multidimensional analysis of stroboscopic image we are approaching to optimum evaluation of any kind of interpersonal communication disorder. There were 66 patients in prospective clinical study of correlation between suspect endovideolaryngostroboscopic findings and histo-pathology verification of glottis carcinoma. Asymmetric and irregular vibrations with absent mucosal wave or absent vibrations of one part or of the whole vocal fold was improved as carcinoma in 85% of patients. The most frequent diagnosis was Ca planocellularae invasivum G2 NG 2, with subsequent open chordectomy. In every case of hoarseness longer more than 14 days, endovideolaryngostroboscopy is the golden standard for evaluating the need for microlaryngoscopy and biopsy.

Keywords: standardized protocol, multidimensional analysis

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