Hemijska industrija 2012 Volume 66, Issue 2, Pages: 193-200
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Influence of gelatin on corrosion behavior of copper in acid media

Todorović Dragiša A., Milenković Dragan D., Milosavljević Milutin M., Marković Dragan A.

This paper presents the results of gelatin and benzotriazole (BTA) inhibitory action on copper in the acid medium by the method of weight loss. The investigation was carried out in the citric acid solution (1, 5 and 20%) at the temperature of 293 K. Under such conditions, the gelatin showed higher efficiency of corrosion protection in comparison to BTA. The results, obtained through the Gibbs and Langmuir adsorption isotherm, show that gelatin adsorption on copper surface obey the Langmuir adsorption isotherm model, as well as that the adsorption is a spontaneous process. The polarization measurements show the potential of full passivation shift towards more negative values, and the increase of corrosion current in both cases but being more pronounced with the BTA. The results obtained in this paper indicate that the inhibition gelatin can be used as the BTA substitute for the copper corrosion protection.

Keywords: gelatin, benzotriazole, copper, inhibitor, corrosion