Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2002 Volume 18, Issue 3-4, Pages: 15-20
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Effect of herb mixture supplementation in ratio on milk yield, milk composition and its technological suitability

Grega T., Sady M., Kraszewski J.

Investigations were carried out on milk cows of Black -and- White breed being in 2-nd lactation 30-120 day after parturition. Experiment was performed during winter feeding season (corn silage, fodder beet silage, super beet pulp, concentrate, meadow hay). Cows of the experimental group received supplement (5% of concentrate) of the herb mixture in feeding ratio. The composition of this mixture was as follows: Urtica dioica, Fructus carvi, Pradix teraxaci, Agrimonio eupatoria, Matrica chamomilla. The obtained results show that supplementation of the diet by herb mixture induced increase of the following parameters: milk yield (+2 kg), fat content (+0,04%), protein content (+0,06%), citric acid (+0,10%), whey proteins (+0,02%), casein (+0,04%), dry matter (+0,12%), non fat dry matter (+0,07%). It was stated that in the experimental milk non-saturated fatty acid level was higher (+20%), in opposite to lower level of saturated fatty acids (-15%) and total cholesterol (-25%). The beneficial effect of herb mixture supplementation on the results of rennet-fermentation test, fermentation test, Sehern' s test and heat stability was stated in the experimental group milk.

Keywords: cow's milk, herbs, quality, and technological suitability

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