Zbornik Matice srpske za prirodne nauke 2009 Issue 116, Pages: 101-112
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Frequency of Aspergillus fumigatus fres.: A toxigenic and allergenic fungal species in milking cows feeds throughout one research year

Škrinjar Marija M., Kenjveš Tibor L., Ač Mira Đ.

Fungal contamination of 92 feed samples used for milking cows feeding during one research year (in all seasons) in Vojvodina was examined. A special attention was paid to the frequency of A. fumigatus, a fungal species harmful to human and animals. As it was found out all feed samples in summer and spring were contaminated with fungi and about 95% in autumn and winter period. Aspergilli occurred as contaminants in all seasons. About 63% of feed samples in summer, 67% in autumn, 89% in winter and 48% in spring were contaminated with them. A. fumigatus was constantly present in feeds. It was isolated from 19% of feed samples investigated in summer, 33% in autumn, even 61% in winter and from 4% in spring.

Keywords: Feed, fungal contamination, A. Fumigatus