Exploration for wild Helianthus species from the desert Southwestern USA for potential drought tolerance
Seiler G.J., Gulya T.J., Marek Fredrick L.
Helia, 2006 29(45):1-10
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Identification of wild species of sunflower by a specific plastid DNA sequence
Vischi M., Arzenton F., de Paoli E., Paselli S., Tomat E., Olivieri A.M.
Helia, 2006 29(45):11-18
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Downy mildew (Plasmopara halstedii) infection in high oleic sunflower hybrids in Northern Italy
Baldini M., Danuso F., Turi M., Sandra M., Raranciuc S.
Helia, 2006 29(45):19-32
Details  Full text ( 475 KB)  DOI:10.2298/HEL0645019B
Phenolic compounds and peroxidases in sunflower near-isogenic lines after downy mildew infection
Saftić-Panković D., Veljović-Jovanović S., Pucarević M., Radovanović N., Mijić A.
Helia, 2006 29(45):33-42
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Variability of Sclerotinia responses in Helianthus petiolaris
Cáceres C., Castaño F., Rodríguez R., Ridao A., Salaberry T., Echeverría M., Colabelli M.
Helia, 2006 29(45):43-48
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Sunflower breeding for resistance to Fusarium
Gontcharov S.V., Antonova T.S., Saukova S.L.
Helia, 2006 29(45):49-54
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Expressivity of tocopherol mutations in sunflower
Demurin Ya.N., Efimenko S.G., Peretyagina T.M.
Helia, 2006 29(45):55-62
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Development of marker system for identification and certification of sunflower lines and hybrids on the basis of SSR-analysis
Antonova T.S., Guchetl S.Z., Tchelustnikova T.A., Ramasanova S.A.
Helia, 2006 29(45):63-72
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Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for quality assurance in breeding, cultivation and marketing of high-oleic sunflowers
Biskupek-Korell B., Moschner C.R.
Helia, 2006 29(45):73-80
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Potentials for sunflower cultivation for fuel production in Southern Italy
Flagella Z., di Caterina R., Monteleone M., Giuzio L., Pompa M., Tarantino E., Rotunno T.
Helia, 2006 29(45):81-88
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Dispersal of wild sunflower by seed and persistant basal stalks in some areas of Central Italy
Vischi M., Cagiotti M.E., Cenci C.A., Seiler G.J., Olivieri A.M.
Helia, 2006 29(45):89-94
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New sunflower restorer lines developed by direct organogenesis method from interspecific cross Helianthus annuus L. (cv. Albena) × Helianthus salicifolius L.: Disease resistance, combining ability
Encheva J., Christov M., Shindrova P., Drumeva M., Encheva V.
Helia, 2006 29(45):95-106
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Interspecific hybrids between cultural sunflower Helianthus annuus L. and Helianthus salicifolius L.: Morphological and biochemical characterization
Encheva J., Christov M.
Helia, 2006 29(45):107-116
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Development and standardization of a simple technique for breaking seed dormancy in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Maiti R.K., Vidyasagar P., Shahapur S.C., Ghosh S.K., Seiler G.J.
Helia, 2006 29(45):117-126
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