TY - JOUR TI - The glow duration time influence on the ionization rate detected in the diodes filled with noble gases on mbar pressures AU - Stepanović Olivera M. AU - Radović Miodrag K. AU - Maluckov Čedomir A. JN - Facta universitatis - series: Physics, Chemistry and Technology PY - 2003 VL - 2 IS - 5 SP - 259 EP - 267 PT- Article AB- The results of the glow current duration time (glowing-time) influence on the ionization rate detected in the gas filled diodes are presented. The electrical breakdown was detected as the minimal current impulse. After that diode glow from the minimal glowing-time (10-3 s), up to the maximal 103 s which overlap the time of the stationary regime formation in the gas diode tube. The diodes were with volumes of 300 cm3, but with a diode gap volume of about 1 cm3 and filled with helium, neon, argon or krypton, at the pressures of the order of mbar. The ionization rates were detected as the residual ionization after the glowing was interrupted, using the electrical breakdown time delay measuring method. The influence of the gap distance stationary current values and the relaxation period were also investigated. The result shows that the stationary regime in such a gas diode is established after the glowing time of 1-3 s, although the breakdown formative times were smaller then 1 ms.