Glasnik Sumarskog fakulteta 2005 Volume , Issue 92, Pages: 125-148
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Harmonization of the engineering and environmental objectives of the river management: Case study of the Južna Morava river

Petković Slobodan, Obratov-Petković Dragica

Harmonization of river engineering objectives and environmental aspects of river management is considered in the case study of Južna Morava river. Investigation of morphological, hydraulic and sediment logical characteristics of the river, flora and vegetation were carried out in this study. During the field investigation, the assessment of riparian vegetation was made and large number of species were determined. More than 100 species are classified into 7 communities. Regarding the existing problems of the bank erosion, excavation in the floodplain and bad ecological conditions of the riparian zone, the new environmentally friendly approach is proposed. The technical measures consist of a special excavation in the floodplain on the inside bank of the river bends, with significant effect on the erosion intensity on the outside bank. Two ecological alternatives of management of floodplain are considered - the plantation of poplar in the deepened zone of the floodplain and the wetland formation in this zone.

Keywords: river, riparian zone, bank erosion, ecology, environment

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