Economic Annals 2002 Volume 43, Issue 155, Pages: 111-127
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Kompenzacije za ograničenja u ekonomskom i socijanom životu

Maksin-Mićić Marija

A short review of approaches to management and guidance of development and space utilization and its relation to the role of planning in the European countries and in Serbia have been given. The targets and conflict of interests connected to land use have been discussed and possibilities of conflict relativization have been pointed out. The idea of space protection and reservation has been explained, together with the differences in space utilization regimes. Regimes and measures for space protection produce numerous limitations and development problems to the local communities in the involved areas. Special attention has been paid to research into various effects of social benefits and losses subsequent to proclamation of space protection and reservation, especially those related to removal of the population and the settlements. Possible forms and ways of providing compensations to the population and the local communities in the protected and reserved areas have been presented. Problems and possibilities of using experience of the European countries in the management of protected and reserved areas have also been pointed out.

Keywords: zaštita i rezervisanje prostora, režim korišćenja prostora, ograničenja, kvalitet života, kompenzacije, upravljanje