Archive of Oncology 2003 Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages: 145-147
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Maintaining treatment of locally advanced breast cancer

Muzikravić Ljubomir B., Donat Dragutin, Pešić Jasna, Trifunović Jasna

Locally advanced breast cancer is a specific clinic entity, comprising various degrees of breast cancer local and regional extension. This term is applied to nonmetastatic large primary tumors (including inflammatory breast carcinoma), with or without extensive regional lymph node involvement, with a rapid or slow evolution, and usually with poor prognosis. This clinical presentation of mammary carcinoma is common in developing countries (30% to 60%), but also with a remarkable incidence in developed countries (10% to 20%). During many decades patients were treated with radical surgery or radiation therapy and with their combination, but always with poor results. The inclusion of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment enabled more favorable treatment results. The mortality from disseminated disease is the main problem in these patients, inducing the question of need for additional postoperative adjuvant systemic therapy. For steroid receptor positive patients hormonotherapy is a convenient choice of maintaining treatment. In endocrine non-responsive tumors, the role of postoperative chemotherapy is doubtful, having in mind preoperative chemotherapy and cumulative toxic effects. New trials including the large number of patients are necessary to obtain the definite answer whether the maintaining chemotherapy is useful but today it seems that additive postoperative treatment is not more efficient than preoperative alone.

Keywords: breast neoplasms, combined modality therapy, treatment outcome

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