Glasnik Etnografskog instituta SANU 2011 Volume 59, Issue 2, Pages: 207-230
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Ala from Zeljin: Results of the recent research of folk mythology in Zupa

Todorović Ivica

The paper presents the results of the recent ethnological research, conduced in Aleksandrovacka Zupa and other areas. In this paper, the emphasis has been placed on notions on mythical beings, i.e. alas and dragons, which in the context of the materials collected take up one of most prominent positions, indicating the specific nature of the micro-regional unit, but also a symbol of the local identity. Namely, there are recordings of numerous and extremely interesting variations of the myth and ideas on the ala from Zeljin which, as the definitely most exposed mythical entity, is certainly a Zupa-specific property.

Keywords: folk mythology, recent ethnological research, Aleksandrovacka Zupa (district)and nearby areas, conceptions on mythical beings, alas and dragons, the ala of Zeljin, specific content, identity