Privredna izgradnja 2005 Volume 48, Issue 3-4, Pages: 171-186
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Dependence of work relocation by micro instruments of regional policy: Conceptual and methodological approach

Supić Novica

Regional policy has been dominated by use of micro-policy instruments to bring about a reallocation of capital and labor. Instruments designed to stimulate an increase of regional mobility of labor, have played a relative minor role in regional economy theory to date. Much greater emphasis has been placed on instruments designed to move capital into disadvantage regions. However, instruments to reallocate labor, has a developed conceptual and methodological basis, today. Its aim is to introduce labor to located in areas which would not normally been chosen by those making the location decision. This involves not only locate labor in regions where jobs are available but also inducting disadvantage areas to produce their own jobs through indigenous development.

Keywords: region, migrational policy, micro instruments, labor, unemployment

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