Acta veterinaria 2010 Volume 60, Issue 2-3, Pages: 241-248
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Long-term monitoring for ornithosis - psittacosis and mammals Chlamydiosis in animals in Slovakia

Takáčová Daniela, Halánová Monika, Čisláková Lýdia, Kováčová Dana, Halán M., Jarčuška P.

Chlamydiae are widely distributed throughout the world, causing various disease forms in animals and humans. The most important species, which can be pathogenic for humans, are Chlamydophila psittaci, causing ornithosis-psittacosis in birds, Chlamydophila abortus, causing abortion in ruminants and Chlamydophila felis, causing upper respiratory tract infections in cats. The study presents the results of a five-year monitoring of ornithosis-psittacosis and mammals chlamydiosis in various species of animals. Altogether 46 903 blood sera were examined for the presence of antichlamydial antibodies using the complement-fixation method. Out of this number, 3 035 (6.5%) samples reacted positive. Long-term high positivity was detected in sheep, but also other animal species showed positive results.

Keywords: complement fixation test, mammal chlamydiosis, ornithosis-psittacosis, seroprevalence

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