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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2002 Volume 67, Issue 12, Pages: 879-885
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Preconcentration method for trace metals in natural waters using 4-morpholine dithiocarbamate

Todorović Zoran B., Polić Predrag S., Sabo Tibor J., Cakić Milorad D.

The optimum conditions were found for the preconcentration of trace metals in natural waters and model samples with standard metals concentrations by using 4-morpholine dithiocarbamate. The formed complexes were extracted with chloroform. Different methods for recovering the metals from the organic solvent were studied and compared before AAS metal analysis. The developed preconcentration method was successfully applied to the determination of trace metals concentrations in water samples from the "Barje" lake (Leskovac, Yugoslavia).

Keywords: preconcentration, chelating extraction, water analysis.