Theoretical assumptions underlying discursive and narrative approaches in psychology
Pavlović Jelena, Džinović Vladimir, Milošević Nikoleta
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):365-381
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A comparative analysis of the image of man and woman in illustrations of textbooks for first grade children
Pešikan Ana, Marinković Snežana
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):383-406
Details  Full text ( 316 KB)  DOI:10.2298/PSI0604383P
Heritability of dimensions of Eysenck's pen model and the alternative five-factor model of personality
Smederevac Snežana, Čolović Petar, Mitrović Dušanka, Nikolašević Željka, Đekić Branka
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):407-423
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Structure of the clinical and geriatric depression: Similarities and differences
Novović Zdenka, Čolović Petar, Babić Maja, Mišić-Pavkov Gordana
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):425-437
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Taxometric analyses in psychological research and in classification of mental disorders
Dragović Milan
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):439-457
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Short-term memory of movements at the children age 11 and 12
Marjanović Anka, Lalović Dejan
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):459-474
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Conceptual thinking of uneducated adults
Pavlović Zoran
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):475-489
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Intellectual abilities and personality traits as the predictors of success of the secondary school pupils gifted in mathematics
Štula Jasmina
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):491-507
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Relationship between secularly defined spiritual experiences and two different measures of religiousness
Todorović Ana, Knežević Goran
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):509-526
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Contemporary assumptions on human nature and work and approach to human potential managing
Vujić Dobrila
Psihologija, 2006 39(4):527-549
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