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Hemijska industrija 2009 Volume 63, Issue 3, Pages: 233-238
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Modeling of discharges in a capacitively coupled dual frequency plasma reactor

Bojarov Aleksandar, Radmilović-Rađenović Marija, Petrović Zoran Lj.

In this paper we have modeled a dual frequency coupled plasma reactor (DF-CCP) by using a 1d3v PIC/MCC code. The obtained results apart from their theoretical relevance have practical applications especially for development of plasma reactors and for nanoelectronics. Dual frequency plasmas are used for etching of dielectric interconnect layers with high aspect ratios (contact holes). In the DF-CCP, the density of the plasma is controlled by the high frequency, while the ion energy depends mainly on the potential drop in the sheath, which is controlled by the low frequency. The results of our simulations show the dependence of the energy of the ions arriving at the inner electrode on the voltage of the low frequency generator and how the voltage of the high frequency generator affects the ion flux on the electrode.

Keywords: radiofrequency discharges, simulation, plasma etching

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