Glasnik Etnografskog instituta SANU 2008 Volume 56, Issue 2, Pages: 171-183
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Two methods of contemplation: Yoga and hesychast prayer: An exercise in comparative religion

Bakić-Hayden Milica

Using Arvind Sharmas's comparative method of reciprocal illumination, this essay examines two contemplative methods, the Hindu yogic, as de fined in Patafijali's Yoga-sutra, and the hesychast, as developed primarily within the Eastern Christian monastic tradition. Despite differences in the overall theological context, the similarities in several aspects of the tech nique are worth noting as they point out that the practice, rather than the ory reveals the common ground - a similar understanding of the nature of human mind, and its inner workings.

Keywords: comparative religion, contemplation, Hinduism, Yoga-sutra, Eastern Christianity, hesychasm, Jesus Pray

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