Facta universitatis - series: Electronics and Energetics 2007 Volume 20, Issue 3, Pages: 461-477
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Synthesis of sequential circuits by using linearization

Levin Iliya, Keren Osnat, Ostrovsky Vladimir

The paper deals with synthesis of sequential circuits defined by their algorithmic state machine notation. Such circuits have a number of specific properties which enable efficient design of the circuits by utilizing so-called linearization techniques. A typical linearization technique includes calculation of autocorrelation values for a system of logic functions corresponding to the circuit. For the mentioned sequential circuits, the calculations which usually require massive computational recourses may be significantly reduced and thus low-overhead implementations of the circuits can be obtained relatively easy. The paper introduces a novel architecture of so-called linearized sequential circuits, and a piece-wise linearization approach for synthesis of sequential circuits. Results are evaluated both analytically and by using a number of standard benchmarks.

Keywords: sequential circuits, logic functions, linearization, binari decision diagrams, multi-terminal decision diagrams

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