Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic, SASA 2009 Volume 59, Issue 2, Pages: 149-171
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Approach to undeveloped areas in regional development of Serbia

Miletić Radmila, Todorović Marina

Issue of undeveloped areas and their typology more detailed presented in dependence on the dominant aspect of underdevelopment are analysed in this paper. As the resultant of mutually connected processes on industrialization-urbanisation-deagrarization-depopulation relations, the regional unevenness (regional polarisation) has more and more been strengthened by transitional flows since 2000. Besides traditionally undeveloped areas (hilly-mountain and border area), 'devastated areas' have also been differentiated or municipalities of 'traditional poverty', additionally emphasizing many layers of the regional structure of Serbia.

Keywords: regional development, territorial unevenness, undeveloped areas, transitional poverty

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