Privredna izgradnja 2003 Volume 46, Issue 3-4, Pages: 131-142
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The dynamics of social capital: The case of Serbia I

Lošonc Alpar N.

This is the first part of the paper that is presented at the conference of EBEN 29-31.2003. In this paper, I am dealing with the relationships between the social capital and some antinomies in the light of business performance in Serbia. The starting point is that Serbia is burdened by odd, postponed transition. The odd transition destroyed some forms of social capital and the postponed transition in business switched the necessary grey/black networks into certain forms of modified social capital. Besides, I explore the path-dependences that determine the dynamic of social capital in Serbia. Hereafter, I uncover some issue related to the weak institutions and uncertainty.

Keywords: social capital, trust, corruption, business-like arrangements, uncertainty, weak institutions

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