Thermal Science 2007 Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages: 87-100
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Oxidation stability and risk evaluation of biodiesel

Hoshino Takashi, Iwata Yusaku, Koseki Hiroshi

This review describes oxidation and thermal stability and hazardous possibility of biodiesel by auto-oxidation. As it can be distributed using today’s infrastructure biodisel production has increased especially in the European Union. Biodiesel has many surpassing properties as an automotive fuel. Biodiesel is considered safer than diesel fuel because of the high flash point, but it has oxygen and double bond(s). Fatty acid methyl esters are more sensitive to oxidative degradation than fossil diesel fuel. The ability of producing peroxides is rather high, therefore we should care of handling of biodiesel.

Keywords: biodiesel, oxidation stability, thermal stability, Rancimat, pool fire

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