Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva 2008 Volume 88, Issue 2, Pages: 51-64
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Global interdependence and restructuring of industrial production

Miletić Radmila

The main objective of this paper is to emphasize particular aspects in connection with deindustrialization and globalization processes during transformation of the economic structure in postindustrial age. Conceptions and main features of globalization are presented, i.e. growing interdependence on the global level, then primary characteristics of industrial globalization as one of the forms of globalization process, and in general some brief considerations about the influence of the economic globalization on deindustrialization. In modern economic environment, transformation of production includes, besides other structural changes, modification of the geography of manufacturing and new industrial space - development of the newly industrializing countries, and new spatial forms of production allocation and possibilities for linking of various activities and services (technopolis, industrial, technology and science park, etc.).

Keywords: globalization, interdependence, deindustrialization, globalization of industry, new industrial space