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Hemijska industrija 2008 Volume 62, Issue 3, Pages: 153-159
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Thermodynamic analysis of ternary system Ga-In-Sb

Gomidželović Lidija D., Živković Dragana T., Mihajlović Ivan N.

The results of thermodynamic analysis of ternary system Ga-In-Sb are presented in these work. Thermodynamic analysis was carried out by applying general solution predicting method in sections from Ga, In and Sb corner, respectively, with following ratios 1:3, 1:1, 3:1 in the temperature interval 873 to 1673 K. Based on this, excess molar Gibbs energies and activity of all components in specified temperature interval were calculated. Also, using the obtained data and MLAB software, ternary interaction parameters for Ga-In-Sb system were determined.

Keywords: Ga-In-Sb system, general solution model, MLAB, ternary interaction coefficient

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