Science of Sintering 2006 Volume 38, Issue 1, Pages: 63-72
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Peculiarities of structure state and mechanical characteristics in ion-plasma condensates of quasibinary system borides W2B5-TiB2

Sobol O.V., Grigoryev O.N., Kunitsky YU.A., Dub S.N., Podtelezhnikov A.A., Stetsenko A.N.

In order to create high-durable, wear-resistant materials for a wide range of functional applications, comparative investigations of the structure and mechanical characteristics of ion-plasma Ti-W-B nano-crystalline condensates were carried out. The range of condensation rates 0.11÷0.25nm/s was found to be critical for the coatings obtained from the target with 80 vol% W2B5-20 vol% TiB2. Below this, a phase with a cubic lattice (W,Ti)B0.7…1.2(O,N,C)0.3…0.2 formed, while over this range, a solid solution (W,Ti)B2 with a hexagonal lattice and element composition close to the sputtered target was observed. The structure state of the material changed from cluster-crystalline (under low sputter potentials U=0.6…1.0 kV) to textured- crystalline (under U>2.2 kV). Structure perfection improvement with U increase results in higher hardness and elastic modulus of condensates. The conditions of cluster component formation and its effect on hardness and elastic modulus of condensates are discussed. .

Keywords: wear-resistant materials, W2B5-TiB2, borides, structure, mechanical characteristics

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