Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic, SASA 2004 Volume , Issue 53, Pages: 27-47
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Hydrothermal phenomena in Risovaca cave and within Vencac massif Shumadies, Serbia

Wrzak-Tomić Janina, Manecki Andrzej

In the Risovaca cave are found, for the karst, atypical alteration in the limestones structure. Also, morphogenesis of the object can not be logically interpret. Those differences are result of hydrothermal process in initial phase of karstic cycle. And then activity of hot water and hot emanations brought up to the metasomatism and destruction of rock, enormous excrete of ornaments and later, ceiling collapse and fill up of cave room.

Keywords: Risavaca cave, hydrothermal, processes, karstic cycle, metasomatizam

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