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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2003 Volume 68, Issue 10, Pages: 765-769
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Kinetic determination of As(III) in solution

Rančić Sofija M., Igov Rangel P., Pecev Todor G.

A new reaction is suggested and a new kinetic method is elaborated for the As(HI) traces determination in solution, on the basis of their catalyzing effect on komplexon III (EDTA) oxidation by KMnO4 in a strong acid solution (H2SO4). Using a spectrophotometric technique, a sensitivity of 72 ng/cm3 As(IIl) was achieved. The relative error of method varies from 5.5 to 13.9 % for As(HT) concentration range from 83 to 140 ng/cm-1. Appropriate kinetic equations are formulated and the influence of some other ions, including the As(V), upon the reaction rate is tested.

Keywords: kinetic method. As(III) determination, EDTA, spectrophotometric technique