Rousseauist foundations of Schmitt's concept of (total) state
Molnar Aleksandar
Sociologija, 2010 52(3):225-236
Details  Full text ( 290 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOC1003225M
Identity, sex and 'women's writing' in French poststructural feminism
Sekulić Nada
Sociologija, 2010 52(3):237-252
Details  Full text ( 303 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOC1003237S
Innovation and social interests
Vratuša-Žunjić Vera
Sociologija, 2010 52(3):253-264
Details  Full text ( 183 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOC1003253V
Childhood in the discourse of the politics of equal recognition
Nenadić Mile
Sociologija, 2010 52(3):265-283
Details  Full text ( 309 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOC1003265N
Lustration in Europe and Serbia: The motivation for passing the laws on lustration and their social functions
Cakić Milan
Sociologija, 2010 52(3):285-306
Details  Full text ( 330 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOC1003285C
Sociologist in the total institution
Krstić Željko
Sociologija, 2010 52(3):307-321
Details  Full text ( 296 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOC1003307K