Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2007 Volume 23, Issue 5-6-2, Pages: 171-178
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Changes in texture of yogurt from goat’s milk modified by transglu-taminase depending on pH of the milk

Domagała J., Sady M., Grega T., Najgebauer-Lejko D.

Set yogurt from goat’s milk with adjusted pH to 6,4, 6,3, 6,2 and 6,1 and than modified by microbial transglutaminase (TGase) were produced. Control yogurt was produced from goat’s milk of pH 6,4 but without modification by TGase. In yogurt determined sensory quality, pH, texture parameters and syneresis. Modification of goat’s milk by TGase caused an increase in apparent viscosity, hardness and adhesiveness of the yogurt. The pH of the milk incubated with TGase in the range 6.4- 6.1 has no influence on such texture parameters like viscosity, hardness, adhesiveness, extrusion force and syneresis. The pH and extrusion force of the stored yogurts was significantly lower than the values of these parameters in fresh yogurts.

Keywords: goat’s milk yogurt, pH, texture, transglutaminase

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