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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2005 Volume 70, Issue 8-9, Pages: 1113-1119
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Thiocyanatochrome complexes in analytical chemistry: Determination of osmium(III)

Bratulescu George, Ganescu Ion, Ganescu Anca

New complex combinations of Os(III) complexed with thiourea and ethyl thiourea, as well as of complex anions of Cr(III) analogues of Reineke’s salt, [Cr(CNS)4(amine)2]-, where the amine is aniline, benzylamine morpholine etc., were synthesized. New gravimetric, oxidimetric and spectrophotometric analytical methods are proposed for the determination of Os(III). The experimental data were statistically processed and are not affected by systematic errors.

Keywords: complexes of Os(III) and of Cr(III), amines, analytical dosing