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Hemijska industrija 2010 Volume 64, Issue 1, Pages: 53-55
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Application of neutron activation in hydrometallurgical process of lead chloride extraction from boulangerit

Zovko Emira, Islamović Safija

In this work, a neutron activation analysis for the identification of radiochemical elements in the ore concentrate of zone Vareš, Bosnia and Hercegovina, has been applied. The possibility of dissolving ore concentrate from iron(III) chloride was examined. To follow the dissolving lead (II) sulphide yield from the ore concentrates, in addition to radioisotope labeling process, it is necessary to use a gravimetric analysis of the extracted lead(II) chloride. Based on kinetic measurements of dissolving concentrate efficiency it was observed that the optimum dissolving time was about 2 to 3 h, and that the one-time procedure can dissolve about 72±5% of marked components.

Keywords: lead sulphide, ore concentrate dissolution, neutron activation

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