TY - JOUR TI - Magic roots of the aesthetic in art and technicity AU - Čučković Aleksandar JN - Zbornik Matice srpske za drustvene nauke PY - 2011 IS - 137 SP - 521 EP - 532 PT- Article AB- In order to respond to the challenges that nature placed in front of him, man became more and more independent, and his relationship to the world grew more and more mediated. On quitting experiencing himself in the magic unity with the world, he invented the practices of technicity and religion, and, later, the one of art. In technicity, the objective aspect of the mediation of the world has been emphasized, and in the religion the subjective one. However, nostalgia for the lost magical unity would never cease to determine not only these, but all of the future practices as well. In that light, the very important integration of technical and aesthetic practice should be understood, the practice from which it has been expected to compensate the separation and the fragmentation of technical objects by their aesthetic networking and their technical reproduction.